Daily Prompt: Vanish

via Daily Prompt: Vanish My heart pounds so erratically, it reminds me of Alien with Sigourney Weaver. I gulp down the fear threatening to vomit on my dress shirt, as sweaty palms are dried on my denim. Shaking hands move the curtain a crack, taking in the view on the other side. It's a full … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Vanish

“Show, Don’t Tell” – What It Means And How To Do It — Standoutbooks

‘Show, don’t tell’ is classic advice for writers – something like a ‘golden rule’, delivered with complete surety and an authoritative tone by the last generation of authors to the next. This ‘set in stone’ approach drives many authors to try and pick it apart, but it’s survived so long for a reason: it is good… … Continue reading “Show, Don’t Tell” – What It Means And How To Do It — Standoutbooks

A Dash of Reviews

Editorial Reviews Hello readers! I've plucked a few of my professional  reviews from Red City Review,  Who are they? You can visit their website for more information. Below is from their website, and I encourage you to visit. You will find many other books listed and I'm confident you will find a book you like. … Continue reading A Dash of Reviews