Nothing much going on today

Nothing much going on today

Nothing Much Going On TodayHello!

Today I planned on writing an entry on archery or something similar relating to the Wendael series. Instead, because my former SUV was given death sentence, meaning it’s all rusted out on the bottom. I  found myself unexpectedly, or  rather prematurely in the market for a new vehicle.  My mechanic gave my SUV under a year before it would be trash.

So while on vacation this week I was looking at my options for a new vehicle. Well I found one!

I completely forgot how much goes into trading in a junk SUV for a new one. My new vehicle is two years old and a former lease vehicle. I managed to get $500 for a trade-in, which is amazing because I expected $200.

The only thing left to do is to wait for the registration to transfer and get my inspection sticker. It was rather time-consuming amongst the other things I had to do this week. I had no time for writing, but that’s OK because I love my new vehicle. I found myself strangely attached and misty eyed as I handed over my keys, never to see my SUV again. I’ve had it for over 16 years. This is my new SUV, it’s pretty darn sexy!

This got me thinking about how we become attached to non-living items during our lives. Even know these items cannot communicate, think, feel or anything a living being exhibits, they hold precious memories. It’s a funny thing, but at the same time any feeling person can look back on an object they held dear at one point in their lives, and miss it, or recall fond memories.

I’ll miss my former SUV, but it’s reassuring to know I have a reliable vehicle. I feel like I went from the Flintstones Mobile to a Jetson’s spaceship. Ha ha ha. These  new vehicles have so much electronic options in them it’s insane, but at the same time pretty cool!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! This also includes pet moms, happy Mother’s Day to you too.