Official Review – To Be a Raven

The official review for To Be a Raven is in!  Red City Review rates it 4/5 stars.  Read what they have to say below. To Be a Raven by M. J. Natali Continuing where The Stone of Acumen: Raina’s Vow left off, book two opens with the sudden disappearance of Helga. Master Horas includes Raina in the search and … Continue reading Official Review – To Be a Raven

Wendael Series book 3: Of Beasts and Raven status

Hi everyone!  I had a good weekend writing book 3 of the Wendael Series: Of Beasts and Raven. I wrote almost 2 full chapters, and getting closer to being half way through the first draft. I felt exhilarated to get past my writers stump. Once I found my flow, I couldn't stop writing. I know I … Continue reading Wendael Series book 3: Of Beasts and Raven status

Train like a Raven

Listen up Raven!  Today you'll  train like a Raven. These are the basics you'll need to know before moving onto advanced lessons. I'm Elder Master Horas, but you can leave off the honorifics of Elder. Our scribe, MJ Natali brought you to the Realm of Wendael to train. In your world, it's similar to what you call … Continue reading Train like a Raven