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Excerpt from Adara: I Gave My Heart to the Reaper

Adara: I Gave My Heart to the Reaper

Excerpt from Adara: I Gave My Heart to the Reaper

In our lives, we at one point may have wished nobody would die, something born out of grief. Many religions however, believe this life is just the start of a vast and wondrous existence, meaning, our bodies must expire so our souls can ascend.

In the below document, Adara is with the Archangel Uriel. She’s heartbroken, so the Archangel arrives to escort her soul to the potential future, revealing a worse case scenario for the deceased, if she and Grimm were to remain involved with each other. .

According to EWTN news, over 90 percent of Americans believe in God according to a Gallop Poll in 2011.

To understand more about the Archangel Uriel, read the below paragraph before reading the above enclosed chapter. Enjoy and share your thoughts!

Patron of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

He carries the Sword of Truth for Soldiers of Christ, which we become through this sacrament. Fire reminds us of the descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost and the flames of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. It reminds us that our hearts should burn with love for God like the holiest of Seraphim, like the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. St. Uriel carries the scales by which we are to weigh our actions. It is also a reminder of the Scales of Perfect Justice by which our lives are weighed at our judgment. Archangel Uriel is known as the angel of wisdom. He shines the light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion. The faithful turn to Uriel for help to seek God’s will before making decisions, learning new information, solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Adara Chapter 20 – Read it here!


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New Page for my novels

Hello everyone!

I was busy this morning creating a new page for my novels. It’s a pretty exciting layout!

All books are on one page, and when you click on “more details”, you’ll find a synopsis, the ASIN, genre, video associated with the book, the Amazon purchase link, and a link to add to your Goodreads page, plus a special synopsis from the book you won’t find anywhere else!

Also, you will find on the right side of the menu, the Goodreads ratings as well. WOW! Please leave a review and rate my novels on Amazon with you honest opinion.Thanks!

Check out the page here and click on each book for their content!

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Wendael Ravens Books 1& 2 Free Ebooks offer ending in 1 day

Hurry and don’t miss out on this one time opportunity!

Both e-books 1 and 2 are free on Amazon for just one more day! This one time event ends on 3/21/2017. Click on the links below for a free preview of each novel!

Did you  like my novels? Reviews are most appreciated. Thanks

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Free E-Book Promotion: Wendael Raven’s Series 1 & 2

From March 17th to Tuesday March 21st, both e-books 1 & 2 of the Wendael Raven’s series will be FREE on Amazon!


I’ve included the individual Ebook links as well as my author page on Amazon below for your convenience. How often do you receive free books? Once you’ve read my novels, please rate and review on Amazon. With much appreciation, M J Natali

Not sure you’re interested? Read the reviews here. Do you know someone who enjoys Fantasy Novels with action, magical elements, romance and a splash of mystery/intrigue?  They may enjoy these.

Book 1: The Stone Of Acumen link

Book 2: To Be a Raven link


Author page on Amazon:

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Adara ~ Where to buy

One link, all sites you can purchase

Now you can click on one link to see all the websites you can purchase my novel Adara. I’m a bit of a neat freak, so this is right up my happy alley.

Red City review rates this 4 out of 5 stars!

Adara—I Gave My Heart to the Reaper by M J Natali

four stars

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Adara—a lead singer in a band—is one in a series of women who is viciously beaten, stabbed, and raped. Coming to her rescue is a Rogue Reaper simply named Grimm. Adara and Grimm fall in love. But because he is an angel, Grimm can only have contact with her through a host body, or when Adara is spirited into the Between Realm. Grimm’s contact with a human creates an ill-fated domino effect in the heavenly realm as more and more Rogue Reapers are following their desires rather than crossing souls to their final destinations. It only gets worse when Adara and Grimm decide to marry, especially when Adara is assaulted a second time by the same attackers.

Marina J. Natali scripts a twisted Romeo-Juliet love story in her second novel. Unique to Natali’s dark fantasy are various literary elements. Written in first person, Natali’s plot features Adara, a young woman whose life drastically changes when she falls in love with a supernatural being. Natali builds her main character by surrounding her with a well-defined foiled cast. While a clichéd concept in fantasy settings, Natali brightens up her plot by using a narrative monologue, engaging readers from the get-go. As Adara relays her story, she periodically speaks directly to her audience, many times apologizing for getting ahead of herself and then backtracking to offer more narrative details. Natali also keeps her dark narrative balanced by including plenty of steamy scenes and sprinkling light bantering within sections of dialogue while weaving in spiritual themes of love, forgiveness, and healing amid a flurry of terrestrial and celestial tension. An intriguing read well suited for romance, erotica, and fantasy enthusiasts.

Visit this website for all the links you can purchase.

 Go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Once you visit the site, you will see a page that looks like the below. All you need to do is click on the image for which online book store you want to purchase it, and you are redirected. Easy, simple, precise!

I ask you leave a review  or rating once you’ve read the novel? I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!