To Be a Raven

Title: To Be a Raven
Series: Wendael Series #2
Published by: M. J. Natali
Release Date: October 7, 2016
Pages: 370
ISBN13: 978-1519014757

The series continues, but the stakes are higher. Amerdan's been defeated, and the Stone of Acumen is now safe, however her comrade and friend Helga is missing. Raina and her fellow Raven embark on a new mission to find her. Along the way, Raina's gift evolves, and things around become personally difficult. We follow Raina on the ups and downs of friendship and love, while meeting new ones.

Overall, Natali's story line is fascinating and her well-defined characters, appealing. The book closes on a great cliffhanger--the type that will make audiences anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series. ~ Red City Review


The Ravens have vanquished Amerdan before their extended training completed. Unfortunately Helga, the second in command of all Ravens is missing. The team head back to the Council to report to the Elders and find Helga's lost satchel

Raina's gift of insight suddenly evolves when she gazes at it. Helga's in danger and they don't have much time! To make matters worse, the team have no certain idea where to start their search.

While the Raven's embark on a mission to find Helga, they learn of a new threat to Wendael more dangerous than Amerdan. Raina and her fellow Raven's complete their extended warrior training while they embark on a mission to find their lost comrade. Will they find her in time?

Raina's love life is turned upside down with jealousy. She and her best friend are arguing only adds to Raina's stress. Raina learns what it means to Be A Raven while navigating emotional and physical challenges. Can she and her fellow Raven find Helga in time while piecing together her shattered world?

This fascinating story will leave you eager to turn the page to find out what happens next with Raina, the Raven team and their new friends the Eiflin.

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Raina's gift suddenly evolves when the Raven team finds Helga's abandoned satchel

As we leave the cave, arms laden with gear, I glance back to the road for signs of Mark and Marcus.

Neither one is back yet. Should we go look for them?” It’s starting to worry me as too much time has passed.

His reply doesn’t come until the first horse is loaded up. Glancing at the sun’s position in the sky a moment, “Lets give them a...... oh never mind, here they come now.”

I turn to the direction his arm points to and see the two of them walking towards us as Mark holds something. “What do you think he’s holding?”

His focus is on the two approaching Raven, his mind too preoccupied with the scene approaching to hear my voice. Since no response is forthcoming, I join the wait and watch them arrive. As they get closer, the item they are holding comes into focus. It appears to be a rough spun sack containing a few sparse items. Sacks carried by Raven are black, not rough spun brown. My thoughts flit from one reason to another on the how and why they came across the mysterious item.

.....must have been dropped and lost for some time since there’s no sign of a camp.” Marcus’s voice comes into hearing range.

I briefly searched for footprints, but there wasn't much. Rain washed them out. Still, it’s contents concern me.” Mark’s brows are wrinkled in thought as they approach Master Horas. “I found this sack on my way back from the spring. Rain washed out most of the prints. I think you should look inside.” He thrusts the sack at Master Horas, eager to rid of it.

My curiosity is piqued and I start to his side to glimpse inside to find what’s inside, but Mark stops me.

No Raina, you might not want to see it’s contents.” I give him a look of concern, my fear getting the best of me, but he holds me back.

What is it Master Horas? What’s inside? Please, I have to know.” Bells are starting to ring inside, indicating whomever the sack belongs to is in trouble.

Master Horas has his hand digging through the sacks contents with a furrowed brow. “It’s Helga’s Raven belongings. She must've been traveling undercover. If her sack was found in the woods, it doesn’t bode well. Come Raven, we must reach the Council by nightfall. We ride hard and fast. We lost precious, avoidable time.” He turns and adds the sack to his horse, quickly mounting Midnight.

Marcus follows suit on his horse, but I’m stuck in place. The bells are still ringing, and my worry is making it worse. The warning is escalating. Something is wrong. Terribly wrong.

Mark calls over to the waiting pair. “You two go on ahead, Raina needs help with her gift. We’ll catch up shortly.” I hear the galloping of hooves, but my mind is filled with the possibilities.


Raina, look at me.” One hand is on my shoulder while the other lifts my chin forcing me to look at him. My focus is off, and his handsome features are blurred. “Listen to my voice. Start your meditative breathing and focus on the sound of my voice. Come on, breathe deeply with me. In.... and out..... in.... and out....”


In the furthest reaches of my mind, I can hear his voice forcing it’s way into my jumbled thoughts. I lock onto it and follow his instructions. As I continue to breathe, his features come into focus and my mind clears. Then the tears start.

Mark, somethings wrong. What if she’s hurt, or worse, dead? What was her sack doing here in the middle of nowhere? It doesn’t make sense. I had a clear warning. We have to find her!”

Shh, calm down okay? It could mean anything at this point. Once we reach the council, we might have a better idea.” He leans in and kisses my lips tenderly at first, slowly building up the passion. His arms move around my waist and pulls me closer.