Of Beasts and Raven

If you've been reading my posts,  you saw that I am creating my own book cover rather than pay someone for the third novel in the Wendael Raven Series. With the help from a photographer, I've finished the final image. I've chosen a male because the character Charles transforms into a wolf-beast. The male image below … Continue reading Of Beasts and Raven

Character Interview: Raina ~ The Wendael Ravens

I board the cart and sit next to the man who agreed to give me a ride to Brunswillow, located in the Realm of Wendael. After mulling around the marketplace of a large city in Wendael, I managed to find someone heading in the same direction. I haven't been here in a while, and I hope to meet up with Raina for … Continue reading Character Interview: Raina ~ The Wendael Ravens

Baby Drop Boxes

Last evening, while battling a nasty cold, I'm watching television and found a movie called Baby Boxes. It's an independent film about a South Korean Pastor, Lee Jong-rak. I was conflicted in my feelings, happy the abandoned infants were saved, but horrified that mothers abandon their newborns. I cried, but was thanking God there are … Continue reading Baby Drop Boxes