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To Be a Raven Series book 3

I’m still excited that book two of the Wendael Raven Series: To Be a Raven has been published for sale here for a few months now.

Book 3 is the final novel of this series, and there’s a few things to wrap up. Due these complexities, I’m approaching how I write this a little differently.

I’ve learned the various ways to write a novel while being humored that each person claims theirs is the right way. Regardless of whose method is ‘right’, what is important to take from all they say is to ensure the ‘requirements’ of the story is met.

By requirements, I’m referring to the bare bones, or how the story progresses. There must be an inciting incident, crisis, building tension, a difficult choice and a resolution (to name a few very important ones.)

I’ll be honest, when I wrote my first novel, I imagined the story as a movie in my head and focused on what I learned in College for writing a good story. I thought about my story, the characters and maybe one sentence for each chapter and wrote from there. If you are writing one story and not a series, this is fine, but the more novels in series you have, the better you need to be at organization. This is where an outline is critical.

If you don’t have a good outline, your story may miss some critical story items and flows several books down.

So here I am so far. Raina’s outline is done. I had a lot of fun mapping out her story.

Now I’m working on the other characters before I outline the main plot.  After that, I look at them all and mesh it all together and  then make the necessary cuts.

Do you know I’ve already thought up of two more future stories or blog entries just on this alone? I can’t tell you how many changes the characters stories have gone through in my head. LOL.

My goal is to start writing out the novel by January 2017 to publish the book by next September. Let’s see how this goes.

Do you write? What is your personal tried and true method for writing a book series? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Postcards from Heaven

I purchased two tickets, one for me and the other for my stepmother to see a medium. My father passed three years ago and we thought we’d attend to see if he would come through.

The medium was very entertaining, and the two-hour long session was filled with laughter. With the room being full, we weren’t sure what to expect as we haven’t done something like this before. The whole time, I was a bit anxious because the bible says in Leviticus 19:31 NIV. “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritualists, for you will be defiled by them.”. Yeah, I was worried HE would be upset with me. Still, I apologized several times and explained my reasons. I didn’t need to of course as HE knows what lies in my heart.

Anyway, the medium said that just because someone doesn’t come through, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dropping a postcard. What he meant is that while he speaks out the signs or messages he receives, the person coming through may not be for us, but some of the things he says, may pertain to us. It’s our loved ones who have crossed, sending a quick acknowledgment to us. My stepmother and I were a tiny bit disappointed, but we both received a few “post cards”.  His attention was directed in our section for a woman a few rows behind us. There were a few “post cards” she said weren’t hers, but my stepmother and I knew they were for us. Confusing isn’t it? He was receiving several messages, and a few were for us, even though the person coming through was for the woman a few rows back. These signs were very, very specific: published, Boston Globe, throat cancer, just to name a few.

We learned that when an angel, spirit guide, or loved one is near, that they will leave a sign. Did you know we have three spirit guides? These are people who lived on earth at some point and guide us. They are not Angels. Angels never lived a mortal life on earth.

A few “post card” examples:

  1. Butterflies, Cardinals, Blue Jays
  2. Lights flickering
  3. Pictures or objects moved
  4. Money such as pennies or dollars in unexpected places
  5. Shadows out of the corner of our eyes
  6. Smells, sounds, or songs we relate to a person in particular
  7. White feathers
  8. Thoughts which pop into our head for no reason at all, which you think are not yours.
  9. Dreams which seem ‘real’

I found it a fun way to spend a few hours and realized even if our loved ones are leading their own new lives, they watch over us. They know what is happening in our lives, even if we think they aren’t. My dad and step grandparents let me know they are aware of my published novels, and dropped a quick hello to us.

My father had already passed when I published my first novel and conducted my first book reading and signing. Once it was over and I was alone in my car, I cried. I wanted him there for this monumental event. He was always there for any event I thought special for me, and this was a big one. My heart was shattered and I’m tearing up now typing this. I miss hearing his humor, his gentle demeanor and patience of a saint. Some day when I’m lucky enough to get married to that special guy, he won’t be there to walk me down the aisle. For you brides out there, you know how special that is to a girl.

When I went to New York back in April to attend the Gazette Concert (their first time in the US and my favorite band), I wasn’t going to go, but I felt a very strong drive to scrounge up the money to see this band. My muse is the singer. Yes the secret is out now. It felt like the drive to go wasn’t my own, almost like I was a puppet. For what ever reason, I just HAD to go. I traveled alone to a busy city and managed to find the funds to see my Muse and favorite band perform live. It was an amazing three days, and looking back, I was receiving a few “post cards” telling me to have fun and follow my desire. While there, I was thinking of dad and broke down in tears when another tourist was smoking my dad’s brand of cigar. The hotel name across from me was called The Muse. I met a girl at the bus station on the way to New York and her name was “Angel”. While walking around looking for the Naked Cowboy (to see him in person after hearing so much about him), some instinct suddenly told me to “look up to your right” and there he was, my Muse standing atop the stairs at Broadway taking photos with his band mates. Are all these freaky coincidences or signs? Who knows, but I can honestly say, they were TOO coincidental and specific. I believe it was Dad urging me to go, to follow my heart and have no regrets. Before he died, we were talking and he said he had no regrets with his life. It was his last lesson to depart on me, and this trip was his way of urging me not to have any of my own. Thanks Dad!

This medium-ship event I attended might not have been real, but then again it may have been. Regardless of its authenticity, it reminded me that loved ones are never far away from us, and even though I can’t see my dad, he’s there and knows what’s happening in my life. So, the next time a special event occurs for me, I know dad is watching.

Never forget, those who we love will always be in our hearts until we see them again. Just look for the post cards and be open to it.

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To Be a Raven – Sales Rank- Thank You All :)

I would like to send a big THANK YOU!!!!!


Below are the current rankings for my latest novel To Be a Raven, book 2 of the Wendael Ravens Series as of this morning, November 7th, 2016. It’s looking good for a new release.

Do you know any one who might be interested in these novels? Please share,  (book image below is linked to it’s listing on Amazon).

If you could do me a huge favor and rate these on Amazon?  Arigato Gozaimasu

To Be a Raven Amazon Ranking