Giving Thanks on Thankgiving

By M.J. Natali Sarah Josepha Hale is best known for her book, "Mary Had a Little Lamb." But, did you know this American writer and editor is also behind the campaign to set the Thanksgiving Holiday as a set annual day? It's true. The day of Thanksgiving was dying out. If every state would join … Continue reading Giving Thanks on Thankgiving

9 Ways to Stop Your Novel from Stalling – from Writers Digest

Starting today, I'm creating a whole new category: Repost Article-Blog. There are so many articles or blog entries I come across which I'd love to share with you. Unfortunately there are times when the 'share to WordPress blog' isn't an option or doesn't work. For these scenario's, I've created a new category, with the link … Continue reading 9 Ways to Stop Your Novel from Stalling – from Writers Digest

Is your grammar rusty?

Grammar Monster A writers new best friend by M. J. Natali I've attended college and yes, English was part of my curriculum. Over the years though,  I've developed rusty grammar. Oops! Continuing education is essential for writers. The problem is, how do I fit grammar lessons in my tight schedule? I work full time, write … Continue reading Is your grammar rusty?